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  • Albany BMX Jam

    Albany BMX Jam

    There’s a BMX Jam going down this weekend coming at Albany Skatepark in Auckland. Check the flyer for full details.

  • Jeff Burn 2014 Edit

    Jeff Burns is a rad dude, so I’m stoked to be able to share this edit with you all. This is Jeff Burns 2014 edit from Paul Gerlich @ Flow Visuals. Enjoy!

  • EDH LA Jam 2014 Is On

    EDH LA Jam 2014 Is On

    The EDH LA Jam is back on for 2014 and going down the first weekend of November, thats Saturday November the 1st! For those of you who are not familiar with the EDH Jam, its been running for at least 6-7 years now and is well known for being the best BMX event on the NZ calendar, so I suggest you get your s#$t sorted and make it to the jam. Good times guaranteed!

  • Kooks, Coconuts & Bowls

    This is the kinda edit I can get into.. travel, shredding & good times! John Kelly, Ross Drummett and Josh Norton take an adventure through South East Asia to ride some tasty bowls!

  • Kiwis In France

    Kiwis In France

    Louis Bolter has recently relocated to Europe.. he spent his first month there travelling around with his bro George Bolter & also meet up with a bunch of other shredders including Jon Riddle from C-Town. Louis sent through a bunch of photos from his trip so far. Check them out.. theres some goodies in there for sure! Looking forward to seeing more from Louis on his adventures! Keep it real over there Louis and thanks for sending in the photos!